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Stay Focussed – Week 2 – LinkedIn, APA

The other day I was supposed to goto the open evening, however…

I went to visit my friend James Utting at the post-production house Factory studios instead! Wahoo! I had double booked myself here and had to make a choice. Turns out I chose the right one! Quality.

I had called in on one of my uni friends James to check out his workplace after his working day had finished. He showed me a load of the equipment, the rooms, trophy’s, and demo’d some new work that has been occurring. I also experienced the new Dolby Atmos system, which was a soundgasm. Next level surround sound. Insane stuff. Too many variables for me I’m afraid! Lolz.

We had some eats after and I asked him a few burning questions about this whole process and his experience through the journey.

We also both came to the conclusion that doing a Masters is really not what I need to do. It will just defer getting on the ladder by another 2 years pretty much and thats what not what I want.

I’m not going to write all this stuff down now, I think the advise I have been given by Julio and James will be put into action and written up along the way.

This week (Week 2), I’m going to stay focussed on getting my LinkedIn profile tarted up as this seems is something that is very important in this process.

Week 2

LinkedIn – Finish my profile and get started with using the platform. Start actually using my account!

APA (Advertising Producers Association) – Check it out. (Search for jobs and studios here).

Week 3

Showreel Structure (K9M.COM) – Think about what work from uni I’ll put down and where it will go on the website.

Website Structural Editing – K9M.COM – Sort out links to Social Media, contact page – footer, blog re-arrange (scroll / squares), buy links, the label, follow / subscribe, counter, YT, Latest Art, “TITLE”, Insta Feed, post blogs to SM automatically,


Week 4



Extra Stuff

E-Mail Tidy Up

Computer Files Tidy Up / Archive

Re-Organise Contact Databases


Do I need more training before entering the industry? (Hopefully not!)

I am going to an open day here at the University of West London tomorrow to talk about my situation, what I want to do and if they recommend I really do need to do more training before entering the industry or not.

It would be more ideal if I could learn on the job for a few reasons. For my position and situation (I have a already spent lots of money and years on training), I feel if I did a masters I may feel a little frustrated that I am learning about how to do a job, rather than actually doing the job. If you catch my drift. I know a lot already. I’m should feel confident enough in my existing ability that I can pick up the appropriate skills on the job.

Of course if I did do a full-time masters, it does mean I can avoid work for another year. Hahahaaaa! Ok, alright seriously though I would love to go back to Uni and learn an intense focussed area of the industry (in this case, mixing audio). Then I could come out the other end of it with loads of confidence that mixes are the tits and I could work my way up the ladder faster when in the industry. I would only consider doing a masters if the course content is exactly what I need to further my career in a way that is both worthy of time and money (investment).

Lets see how conversations go tomorrow at Kings.

Uni’s / Courses I’m looking at right now:

Uni Of West LondonOpen Day 22nd Nov 4 – 7 pm, St. Mary’s Road, Ealing, London, W5 5RF

MA Advanced Music Technology

MA Record Production

Both course could start Jan 2019, but go on for 18 months.

Tileyard – MA Commercial Music Producer – Open Day 3rd December 5 – 7 pm

MA Commercial Music Producer

Note: Course starts Sept 2019, goes on for 12 months

Abbey Road – Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering

Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering

Note: Could start March 2019, goes on for 12 months. Only 20 spaces available. Expensive!

I’ll be looking at other Uni’s and posting about them too…


OK, so in this stream I’m going to document the journey right from the beginning of my decision to get a job in the music industry, which was about 4 days ago now.

I have been struggling to keep my music, art and research consistent because I have been playing the ‘make it as an artist in the music industry’ game. This consists of working doing a job that I don’t want to do for the most part of the week to pay the bills and then pump any leftover money into my music business. (Which seems to be yielding NO money). The reason I didn’t try to get a job in the music industry straight after uni was that I was scared I would stop making music as an artist, as this means so much to me. Plus, I have so much unreleased material stuck on this computer! I will get it released on my label very soon I promise! Jeeeez!

So what’s been going on is… I’ve been cheffing in the kitchen busting my ass of a daytime, coming home, having a beer and doing not much else because my mind is so smashed from the days work anyway, plus I don’t feel motivated because I never speak to anybody at work about the what I do in the music industry, because… they don’t want to hear about it. I want to converse about things I am learning about and things that excite me.

My realisation is that now I have just moved to London, I need to be in the thick of it. I want to be immersed in musicians and like minded people. This will help me connect and keep me inspired to crack on. Rather than being in a kitchen (this new one in particular), where I am not even learning anything new for the cheffing career! This is just a complete waste of life. I quit! No more. No chance.

Only thing is… I have to figure out what I want to do for starters. At the moment it’s an Audio Engineer, working in a studio at a mixing desk. I love mixing. Big time! I do know quite a bit, but I know I have much to learn. I have already spent a few days convinced that the dream job role would be to be a studio producer at a recording studio, which is something I did when I co-ran small time studio in Wanaka, New Zealand, a couple of years ago. I’ll be writing a lot more about this as this was amazing experience for me and I learned so much.

I rang up one of my Uni lecturers (Dr Julio d’Escriván) for some advise as I am so on my ass right now, with a lack of information and understanding about where to go and what to do. He really did give me some great words of wisdom in the form of advise and motivation. I will be laying down blog’s here each day for a while if I can. I’ll do need to keep up a blog habit again as this site is going to be a big part of my show-reel!


Some quick things to note for me to blog and look at next…

LinkedIn (I need to update this)


Sync Licensing

The School Of Audio Engineering


What does the music business need?

List my strengths and weaknesses as a (person + a producer)

Learn to be a parrot (I’ll explain later)

Network list

‘Any entrance is good’


Thats what’s occurring now. Today Monday 19th November, I am researching how to get a job as an Audio Mix Engineer. Let’s get it together, cash in on all my contacts from the last decade, beg steal and borrow, bone-up and land that sh*t. I really hope to have a job in January, if not February 2019. That would be amaaaazing.




[LABEL] #10 – Back On Track – Decide On Distributor

Quick update on where I am with the label setup. I had got to a point where I couldn’t go any further until I had finished the music and the artwork. I have finished this all now, so I have my product in my hand ready to market and send out there. So I’m officially back on track and ready to smash this out now!

I have been working on finding the right distributor for my label and have settled on Label Worx. They have been recommended to me by a few of my friends who have worked with them.

Here are a few questions I had about distributors:

Q1 – Do I have to sell myself to the Distributor?

The short answer is Yes. Do this by creating a good professional product. Decent music, mastered professionally and good artwork. Done.

Q2 – How do I know which Distributor is right for me?

Look online to see which Retailers are selling the type of music I want to sell, then check out which Distributors supply those Retailers.

Q3 – Do I need a following already to sell myself to the Distributor?

Surely not? If the answer would be ‘Yes’, then how do you get people to follow something where there is no product released yet? They would be liking nothing!? That doesn’t make sense? I’ll find out the real answer when I contact Label Worx tomorrow. (Answer in next post).

Next week, I will be speaking to my graphic designer and working with him to vector out my geometric artwork, which will be used for releases, logo’s T-shirts etc… Push on!

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[HOS] #2 – Sparse (Sketch Mix)

This is a video recording of the live composition performance for the track ‘sparse’.

It’s from a forthcoming 9 track album – For The Love Of Wellington, which I wrote in Wellington, NZ back in late 2015/early 2016.

This is a rough mix at this stage, and I’ve kept in the mistakes as this is just still at the compositional phase. I had originally intended to get musicians I had met there to collaborate by laying down their parts over the top of this. I’m undecided at this point whether I’m still going to do this, but for now, I just want to show them as they are.

These tracks were also made as part of a music production course I did with Mike Monday called ‘Make Unique Music’. This track incorporates ideas of metaphor and producing at your current skill level. More detailed write-ups about this to follow.


This will be free release as usual, but unfortunately I can’t give any download links to this yet. Watch this space!

Show some love and support for Kat Nine by liking, following and sharing on social media platforms – Facebook, SoundCloud etc…

Icon links to Kat’s media platforms located to the right hand side of the website

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