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Almost There Son

So it’s 2019 now and believe it or not I am still here and alive! …and I have been working on the label. I am so close now to finalising everything with the distributor.

List of things still to do:

1 – Sign the contract and send it over.

2 – Upload a revised Logo and Album artwork

3 – Do the 2 write-ups. (Release + Label)

4 – Update the label website + post on social media about the release

5 – Request approval

After all this is done it will take 2 weeks for the distributor to show my work to the retailers to see if they want to present my product. Hopefully they will. If they don’t I have to make it better until they do! It will also be 5 weeks from this point that it takes for the release to got through the system and be finally released to the public to buy. Exciting stuff. Soooo close now.

All during this time I will be composing a promo mail out list of contacts and a promo campaign (which I know very little about).

Happy days.

Here’s a quick catchup from the last post:

‘Q3 – Do I need a following already to sell myself to the Distributor?’

A3 – No.

This is the current album artwork that was not actually vectored out. It was scanned with a high quality scanner, and then processed to noise it up somewhat. I have no idea how Dave did it (my graphic designer). But I love it! Just what I wanted. We do have to revise the logo however as it’s just not solid enough. No dramas.


I plan to be selling copies of this artwork too, which will be printed onto different mediums (medias?). T-shirts definitely, postcards, prints, etc… This will be available to buy in the Merch shop on the Fraktion Music website and my new Kat Nine website.

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