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[ARTWORK] #10 – Sketch No. 9 / First Transformation


Fig.1. First transformation sketch

This is a transformation of a 5 sided figure (ABCDE), which is plotted further exponentially.


Fig.2. Earlier stages

Here you can see the first figure plotted in the bottom left and then the following 4 moving right on the x axis and up on the y.

The formula is super simple, it’s just x-1 and y+2.

right 7 up 2 // right 6 up 4 // right 5 up 6 // right 4 up 8

The first goes down by one each time and the second number up by 2.


Fig.3. Earlier stages

Summary: It’s a pretty cool idea and it’s interesting drawing pictures with values. It’s easy to do because it detaches you from having to make many decisions about where to go next.

I ran out of paper doing this though, so I would like to know where it goes next. I wonder if it loops around and links on to the beginning figure? That would be pretty awesome. I’ll figure that one out… another day 🙂


Fig.4. Alternate orientation

Funnily enough I think this has ended up looking like a schematic for a set of soundsystem speakers too. Cool. Maybe I like it this way up more now.

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