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[ARTWORK] #11 – Sketch No. 10 / Plan Transformation


Fig.1. Finished sketch

This is probably my favourite sketch so far.

I wanted to draw a square sitting at one place in space and then move it around on an axis, knowing that it’s surface are was the same (relevant) size as the others.


Fig.2. Working it out. With difficulty.

You can see here on the left hand side where I started to draw a transformation similarly to the previous sketch. I changed the formula, but it didn’t make any logical sense after drawing it out.

After an hour and a half of scribbling and head scratching (and using a protractor for the first time!) I managed to get something that resembled the effect I had in my head. Got there in the end 🙂

Summary: I love this one. It just marks the beginning of a new way I can play with moving shapes in space. Happy days.

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