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[ARTWORK] #12 – Sketch No. 11 / Water Wheel


Fig.1. Sketch 11

This is a photo of the sketch about half way through.

I was originally expanding on the method I was working on in the previous sketch (No.10 – moving planes at different angles in space with the same perceived size/volume).

As you can see here too, I chose to go mental and add a 3rd colour blue in here (steady on!) I hated it the moment I did it, so I probably won’t do that again for a while. Black and red is about as much as I can handle at the moment.


Fig.2. Foundation for the sketch (pencil)

You can see here the most part of the foundations (in pencil) for the points and lines required to create the picture in Fig.1.

I usually start off every sketch with just one single point in the centre of the piece of paper and work from there.

I’ll add another point, draw a line segment attaching them, then start swinging out some circles which creates many more intersecting points… etc…


Fig.3. Freak photo

I’m not sure how this happened, but when I took this photo, two dark shadows appeared and I thought it looked pretty sweet. So here it is


Fig.4. Final sketch

This is what happened when I carried on going around the 360 degrees.

I find it interesting how many ways you can look at this.

I left out the connecting lines at the bottom for a bit of variation.

Shoutout to my pal Alex at (Tattoo Artist @ Holy Skin Tattoo, Wanaka, NZ) for helpful feedback when doing this one. Always helpful to get someone else’s perspective. Check out his work HERE. Top stuff.

Water Wheel

Fig.5. Water Wheel

Just in case your’e not seeing the thing I was moving towards with the end of this sketch, you can see the idea clearly in a different context here.

Summary: It was pretty fun doing this one. I learned some more about how to move planes around in (perceived) space. Definitely some progress made.

I want to elaborate on this and do a tidier sketch… and get rid of the blue pen.

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