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[ARTWORK] #13 – Sketch No. 12 / Potential?


Fig.1. Sketch No. 12

This. This is not good. In fact, it’s very very not good.


I still wanted to show it as it has some developments for shapes I haven’t created yet, which I think has some awesome potential.


Fig.2. Good bit

I want to follow up this 3D looking star shape on it’s side, with all it’s inside lines falling to a point located lower down, then maybe sit another one doing the same, but upside down. Then have them meeting in the middle, sort of like a sand-timer.

sand timerFig.3. This is a picture of a sand-timer

Summary: Although this sketch is super scrappy, I’m happy with what came out of doing it. It’s showed me some more potential shapes to draw, which all helps 🙂

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