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[ARTWORK] #14 – Sketch No. 13 / Twisty Worms


Fig.1 Sketch No. 13 Finished

This is possibly my new favourite sketch.

It’s the first sketch I have done where I’ve rubbed out the pencil sketch lines, so it’s just pen and paper.

There was a pencil outline of the circle carved out around the perimeter of this piece made with the compass, but it completely destroyed the perception I was going for.

Another reason why I like this is that I did it on the plane from NZ to Aussie… and I’m pretty chuffed with how straight the lines are! Result.

This is also the first picture I decided to give a name. It’s called ‘Twisty Worms’, it’s got this twisty worm-hole vibe thing going on. Well that’s what I think anyway. Seemed to make sense. 


 Fig.2. Twisty Worms!


Fig.3. Alternate orientation and processing

To make this, I carved out a big circle, split it into quarter segments and marked out points with progressively larger intervals throughout the 4 piece. [#qtr 1 = 5mm / #qtr2 = 10mm / #qtr3 = 15mm / #qtr4 = 20mm]

After that, I just played join the dots using 2 specific points (the twins…) to bring everything back to… or from?

Summary: Sweeeeet. Plenty of stuff to keep the old eyeballs busy for while. I seem to be a little mesmerised by it, which I’m just going to take is a plus.

Definitely made some breakthroughs with this piece, a couple of first time processes going on here, so I’m happy with it 🙂

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