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[ARTWORK] #15 – Kat Nine Logo


Fig.1. Final Designed Image

This is the final design for the logo I created for my website


Fig.2. Final Image – Processed

This is the final processed image I used in some of my videos


Fig.3. Development – First Sketches / Ideas

Here you can see the first development for the final design. The idea from start to finish for this took about 30 minutes. Actually drawing the final image took about 40 minutes.


Fig.4. Alt Processing – Gold


Fig.5. Vectored Logo – Black Background

This has been vectored out now by my graphic designer

Website for my graphic designer:


Fig.6. Vectored Logo – White Background

Of course, you can’t really see the background because it’s the same as the website. Buuuh

What do I like about it?

It’s really simple, pretty solid. It’s my own font that I drew by hand. Cool.

What don’t I like about it?
I don’t like the processing of the image and it’s not clean enough. You can see scummy bit’s on some of the letters which came from the pen. It’s also on the wonk a little bit too, which really cheeses me off. The words ‘Kat’ and ’Nine’ are level, but ‘Music’ tails off downwards a little. I don’t know how that happened! Very, very upsetting to look at. I can draw this again and make it cleaner, but for now it’s alright. It’s good enough to give to my graphic designer and vector out.

What did I learn?
My friend Taya helped me stay on track with making decisions of what to go with. This was very helpful.

I learned (or remembered) that it’s always helpful to get someone else’s perspective on what you are creating. Even if that person is not a professional in what you are working on. Everybody’s opinion matters. 2 brains are better than 1. Thanks Tay!

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