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[ARTWORK] #16 – Fraktion Logo


Fig.1. Finished Logo

This is the logo I designed for my Techno/House Record Label – Fraktion Music


Fig.2. First Sketch / Idea

This is the first sketch I threw down (on the back of a bank statement) when the idea for the image came to me, whilst sitting having my morning coffee bacon and eggs at a cafe in Brisbane. It’s funny how the final image is pretty damn close to my first idea here… not too shabby. The idea was to have something connecting all the way round the outside creating a border… and have it spilt in the middle somehow (like a fraction…).


Fig.3. Developing Ideas

Here are some more images of early ideas. You can see here how I had started to think more about imposing mathematical imagery on the ‘O’ by striking a line through it so it looks like a zero. So we got a division, and a number incorporated in the image now.


Fig.4. More Developing Ideas

Here I have now thought more about the use of mathematics and the ‘K’ and the ‘A’ are now similar to ‘less than’ and ‘upper case delta’ symbols. The line on top of the ‘T’… I don’t know what I was thinking here to be honest… looks alright though eh. I could say I did it with the intention of making it look like an equals sign… Lolz. Thats an obvious lie, but it does though! Had the old subconscious working on that one for me. Result


Fig.5. Alternate version 1

This is a final sketch, which I thought was the one, except after thinking about if and getting feedback, I decided to change the ‘R’ as me and my mates thought it looked like a ‘K’.



Fig.6. Designing the ‘R’

Here you can see the working out and variations I drew for designing the ‘R’.

6-alt-processing-1Fig.7. Final Sketch


Fig.8. Final Processed Sketch – Variation

I’ll have this one vectored out soon for printing posters, T-shirts, frilly knickers etc…


I like this a lot and I’m super happy with it. I feel I managed to incorporate enough ‘technological / mathematical’ imagery into the logo. It’s solid, simple and legible. (well legible enough anyway)

Don’t Like

You can see the pencil sketch lines which I haven’t rubbed out in the last two pictures. I don’t like that effect here. I think it looks better with it rubbed out.


I learned that I can scrub out some little blemishes and imperfections in iPhoto. I did this with a couple of tiny tiny tiiiiny scuffs that were annoying me, which worked really well. I won’t usually do this though, unless it’s for a super duper (must be shiny!) sort of picture

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