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[ARTWORK] #17 – House Of Strings Logo


Fig.1. Finished Logo Artwork for House Of Strings

This shot was taken by me on the floor of my house in Auzzie. The picture was drawn by my friend Taya on a piece of scrap paper.


Fig.2. Early Rough Sketch Ideas


Fig.3. More Early Ideas


Fig.4. My Final Sketched Idea


Fig.5. Taya’s Logo

So the short story is… I had spent most of the day coming up with- and developing ideas for the logo in Fig.2, 3 and 4. After my friend Taya got home, she tried helping me out and did one herself, which took a whole 30 seconds… I loved it straight away and went with that instead of mine. Hahahaa!

Couldn’t believe it, I spent all day grinding away at something and Taya comes in and smashes out something way much better in under a minute. Literally. Unbelievable scenes.


I like Taya’s logo. It’s brilliant, simples. She connected the ‘S’ of ‘house’ and ‘strings’… mental. and put the ‘of’ as the dot on the ‘i’. Genius.

Don’t Like

My one. Complete rubbish. This is bin fodder. Just looks like I’m trying too hard and failing, which was incidentally just exactly was what was occurring. Great.


I hate curves. I can’t draw curves. I don’t want to. I hate them. I tried to draw them in my sketch with the word ‘strings’ and that flippin ‘f’ in the word ‘of’ and they all looked like dog matter. Trying to do that just re-confirmed my hatred for curves in anything I draw. They’re just too untidy and I don’t understand them. They just seem to ruin and picture I try and draw. Baaaa if I’m going to draw a curve, it’s going to consist of lots of straight lines that end up looking like a curve. Like this:


Fig.6. London Kings Cross 

Thats better, much more tidy.

Funny thing is although I hate drawing curves and I don’t like them most of the time in any case, I really love what Taya did with her sketch. Spot on 🙂 Thanks Tay!

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