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[ARTWORK] #8 – Sketch No. 7 / 3D Cube, Triangle, Planes


Fig.1. Sketch 7 – Finished Draft

Here I was trying to draw out a 3D cube to use as a container to place other shapes lying at different dimensions in space.

I took a few pictures at different stages so you can see how the piece developed. This is my favourite picture (Fig.1.)  taken of all of them so I chose this as the finished draft.


Fig.2. Earlier stages…


Fig.3. Earlier stages…


Fig.4. Earlier stages…


Fig.5. Earlier stages…


Fig.6. Earlier stages…


Fig.7. Earlier stages…


Fig.8. Alternative ending

I don’t like this last picture (Fig.8.) The result I was trying to achieve is too blurred from having too many lines, which takes away the perception of the triangles sitting inside the 3D cube.

Fig.1. I do like. It’s a pretty simple idea, which can easily be elaborated on.

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