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[SC] #1 – Resources for SuperCollider


Firstly, I highly recommend buying this book, which is essentially the SuperCollider bible:



Wilson, S., Cottle, D. and Collins, N. (eds). 2011. The SuperCollider Book. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press

If you goto this website: you can download all of the code examples in digital format so you don’t have to copy out character-by-character from the book, which is obviously what I was doing for a little while. So I’ll save you that grief and tell you at the start.

You can buy it here:

They offer it in paper and electronic format, but I highly recommend buying it in paper form. Staring at code does spin you out from time to time and I personally find it a refreshing break to read from something that, well isn’t a computer screen. I find reading code really meditative so I also recommend if you are stressed out and can’t sleep to start reading some gnarly code from this book whilst lying in bed at night, it will wear your brain out and you will be asleep in a matter of minutes. Trust me it’s magic.

Something a little interesting… a couple of contributing authors of this book were lecturers of mine at university – Julio d’Escriván and Tom Hall. They are always up for helping so I will be hounding them from time to time I’m sure. I might even do a little interview with them in the Interview/In the Studio With… section of the website.

There is also a section on how to write your own Unit Generator Plug-ins, which I am really interested in, so I hope to be getting busy with that somewhere along the line.


Another obvious thing to mention is the help-files within SuperCollider. They are super handy, easily adaptable and better than ever now with the latest version of SC (IDE). In fact this whole newer web-layout of SC is a lot more user friendly in comparison to the version we were using in 2009-12. I’ll be doing a little rundown of the new layout and features in the next blog.


I haven’t looked at this much yet, but I do know that there are download links for the latest version of SC here, along with some external libraries and other SC news.


I have just recently found the Facebook group for SC (link below). So you can join the online community of SC here. It looks like people are really helpful at giving answers to queries here so I’ll probably be posting some questions and maybe showing some things I have created too here.

I haven’t looked for any online forums yet, but if I come across any other interesting resources to help us all, I’ll post it here 🙂 Happy days

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