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Almost There Son

So it’s 2019 now and believe it or not I am still here and alive! …and I have been working on the label. I am so close now to finalising everything with the distributor.

List of things still to do:

1 – Sign the contract and send it over.

2 – Upload a revised Logo and Album artwork

3 – Do the 2 write-ups. (Release + Label)

4 – Update the label website + post on social media about the release

5 – Request approval

After all this is done it will take 2 weeks for the distributor to show my work to the retailers to see if they want to present my product. Hopefully they will. If they don’t I have to make it better until they do! It will also be 5 weeks from this point that it takes for the release to got through the system and be finally released to the public to buy. Exciting stuff. Soooo close now.

All during this time I will be composing a promo mail out list of contacts and a promo campaign (which I know very little about).

Happy days.

Here’s a quick catchup from the last post:

‘Q3 – Do I need a following already to sell myself to the Distributor?’

A3 – No.

This is the current album artwork that was not actually vectored out. It was scanned with a high quality scanner, and then processed to noise it up somewhat. I have no idea how Dave did it (my graphic designer). But I love it! Just what I wanted. We do have to revise the logo however as it’s just not solid enough. No dramas.


I plan to be selling copies of this artwork too, which will be printed onto different mediums (medias?). T-shirts definitely, postcards, prints, etc… This will be available to buy in the Merch shop on the Fraktion Music website and my new Kat Nine website.

Developing Ideas + Goals For 2019

Happy new yeeear!!!

New Years Resolution

Every year I think of a habitual thing to change or work on, and a overall concept for the year. I quite enjoy thinking of these and making a change in myself artistically and sometimes for health reasons etc…

This year is about Sacrifice. This is something I honestly don’t do a lot. I rarely say no to anything. Another drink, another ciggy, going out, working for other people when I should stay home and work on my own business etc…

Example: I am doing dry January and have given up smoking too. (Don’t worry I’ll be smoking and drinking lots again in February I’m sure). But because I am not drinking, I really wanted to goto the staff party for the place I have been working at recently, but I made a sacrifice and sacked it off πŸ™ I am real bummed I couldn’t go cos I wasn’t drinking and wasn’t going to spend Β£50 travelling back to Cambridge from London for a sober party when everyone else is on the razzledazzle. I would have ended up drinking for sure. BUT, I did stay in that weekend and smashed out looooads of work fror the label and am now really happy with the progress. My thoughts are more clear at the moment and I feel like my business is really coming along. Wahey! Overall, I’m more happy that I sacrificed the piss up and chose to make progress with the things I know really make me happy. Happy days πŸ™‚

I plan to choose to sacrifice certain things to achieve the goals that make me happier in the long run. (Or something like that).

So, more like this in 2019 please. Safe.

2019 Sorting This Website

It’s getting close to the point where my label is almost ready for launch, which means I’m going to set off the big project I’ve been planning and working on for years now. However this website needs to be sorted out.

I am going to state some goals for me to work towards this year for this website.

Goal 1 – To write at least 48 blog (or vlog) posts in 6 months. Thats 2 per week

Goal 2 – To have the newly re-organised Kat Nine Music .com website launched.

Goal 3 – To sign up 100 subscribers

Goal 4 – To make (a) some sales through the traffic from this website. Monetise.

Goal 5 – To finish my first course ready for release on this website.

Goal 6 – To sketch out 2 more courses with timeframes and module content.

2019 A New View To Writing Blogs

I am going to shift my focus towards that of making money from the music business, as this is now a big part of what I am trying to do. I have made music and art for love for almost 10 years, and yielded little money from it. I want to make music my life (Mike Monday) πŸ˜‰ so this is what needs to happen. I have spent years creating and have a backlog of work, so now I need to maintain focus on how to distribute my product efficiently.

To do this, I will be creating some of my documentation series’ into short courses, which will then be advertised (somewhere…).

2019 A New Notion For The Website

Previously my idea behind the website was ‘follow the journey, learn with me’, but I feel I want to change this now. Some current ideas for new notions/focus-shift are: ‘The journey of an artist in the music industry’. Documentation + Tutorial. Research. (Shop?). OR ‘A creative trying to make it in the music industry’. Research Blog, Documentation, Tutorial (and Shop)’. ‘A determined artist on the road to success in the music industry’. Well something like that anyway. It’s the beginning of an idea.

And just so I don’t forget… Again, a large focus shift which has to occur is the exploration into Music Business, Making Money, Running A Label and alllll that jazz!

Thats enough for now. Crack on!

Do I need more training before entering the industry? (Hopefully not!)

I am going to an open day here at the University of West London tomorrow to talk about my situation, what I want to do and if they recommend I really do need to do more training before entering the industry or not.

It would be more ideal if I could learn on the job for a few reasons. For my position and situation (I have a already spent lots of money and years on training), I feel if I did a masters I may feel a little frustrated that I am learning about how to do a job, rather than actually doing the job. If you catch my drift. I know a lot already. I’m should feel confident enough in my existing ability that I can pick up the appropriate skills on the job.

Of course if I did do a full-time masters, it does mean I can avoid work for another year. Hahahaaaa! Ok, alright seriously though I would love to go back to Uni and learn an intense focussed area of the industry (in this case, mixing audio). Then I could come out the other end of it with loads of confidence that mixes are the tits and I could work my way up the ladder faster when in the industry. I would only consider doing a masters if the course content is exactly what I need to further my career in a way that is both worthy of time and money (investment).

Lets see how conversations go tomorrow at Kings.

Uni’s / Courses I’m looking at right now:

Uni Of West LondonOpen Day 22nd Nov 4 – 7 pm,Β St. Mary’s Road, Ealing, London, W5 5RF

MA Advanced Music Technology

MA Record Production

Both course could start Jan 2019, but go on for 18 months.

Tileyard – MA Commercial Music Producer – Open Day 3rd December 5 – 7 pm

MA Commercial Music Producer

Note: Course starts Sept 2019, goes on for 12 months

Abbey Road – Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering

Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering

Note: Could start March 2019, goes on for 12 months. Only 20 spaces available. Expensive!

I’ll be looking at other Uni’s and posting about them too…