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Do I need more training before entering the industry? (Hopefully not!)

I am going to an open day here at the University of West London tomorrow to talk about my situation, what I want to do and if they recommend I really do need to do more training before entering the industry or not.

It would be more ideal if I could learn on the job for a few reasons. For my position and situation (I have a already spent lots of money and years on training), I feel if I did a masters I may feel a little frustrated that I am learning about how to do a job, rather than actually doing the job. If you catch my drift. I know a lot already. I’m should feel confident enough in my existing ability that I can pick up the appropriate skills on the job.

Of course if I did do a full-time masters, it does mean I can avoid work for another year. Hahahaaaa! Ok, alright seriously though I would love to go back to Uni and learn an intense focussed area of the industry (in this case, mixing audio). Then I could come out the other end of it with loads of confidence that mixes are the tits and I could work my way up the ladder faster when in the industry. I would only consider doing a masters if the course content is exactly what I need to further my career in a way that is both worthy of time and money (investment).

Lets see how conversations go tomorrow at Kings.

Uni’s / Courses I’m looking at right now:

Uni Of West LondonOpen Day 22nd Nov 4 – 7 pm,┬áSt. Mary’s Road, Ealing, London, W5 5RF

MA Advanced Music Technology

MA Record Production

Both course could start Jan 2019, but go on for 18 months.

Tileyard – MA Commercial Music Producer – Open Day 3rd December 5 – 7 pm

MA Commercial Music Producer

Note: Course starts Sept 2019, goes on for 12 months

Abbey Road – Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering

Advanced Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering

Note: Could start March 2019, goes on for 12 months. Only 20 spaces available. Expensive!

I’ll be looking at other Uni’s and posting about them too…

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