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[FFS] – Free Food Series (2015) – Introduction – Why?


My initial idea for the new year 2015 was to get into the habit of finishing and releasing music on a regular basis as simply finishing a piece of music was really proving to be the hardest thing to do. I have had so many tracks 90-95% finished stuck on my hard drive, which for some reason have not been able to draw a line under and let go of. Just finishing one piece per month seemed achievable. So I decided to release it in a free series to end up as an album by the end of the year.

More reasons to do this:

My Mixes –


These really needed a lot of work and attention to up get them up to scratch as they were simply not good enough. This was a real interesting journey with massive developments along the way… and still pushing hard.

My Record Label –

record label

I have been planning to start my own little label for a couple of years now and thought that if I want to release my own music, frequently, I had better be able to finish it! What is a label without any music!? Just a logo and a lot of bills I think.


Release Process –release process

For the same reason (the record label), I had written up each release as if it was going out on a label. I gathered information along the way about how to do put together promo mail outs, what to put in there and what not to. I also tried out different ways to send it out, using different media platforms etc…




Sharing Music –


Above all, I just want to share my music and to be heard so I needed to finish some tunes and throw them out there for free, without asking anything from the potential listeners in return. I found that I got more followers on SoundCloud as soon as I started putting music up for free on a fairly regular basis.



I’ll be posting about how all these things went further in this blog stream

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