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[LABEL] #10 – Back On Track – Decide On Distributor

Quick update on where I am with the label setup. I had got to a point where I couldn’t go any further until I had finished the music and the artwork. I have finished this all now, so I have my product in my hand ready to market and send out there. So I’m officially back on track and ready to smash this out now!

I have been working on finding the right distributor for my label and have settled on Label Worx. They have been recommended to me by a few of my friends who have worked with them.

Here are a few questions I had about distributors:

Q1 – Do I have to sell myself to the Distributor?

The short answer is Yes. Do this by creating a good professional product. Decent music, mastered professionally and good artwork. Done.

Q2 – How do I know which Distributor is right for me?

Look online to see which Retailers are selling the type of music I want to sell, then check out which Distributors supply those Retailers.

Q3 – Do I need a following already to sell myself to the Distributor?

Surely not? If the answer would be ‘Yes’, then how do you get people to follow something where there is no product released yet? They would be liking nothing!? That doesn’t make sense? I’ll find out the real answer when I contact Label Worx tomorrow. (Answer in next post).

Next week, I will be speaking to my graphic designer and working with him to vector out my geometric artwork, which will be used for releases, logo’s T-shirts etc… Push on!

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