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[LABEL] #5 – Unanswered Question

I am just sketching down a few questions here that I hope will all come out in the wash when I finish this process:

1 – My existing Ltd. business. Do I need to redefine it in any way?

2 – What do I have to include in my Marketing Plan?

3 – International Copyright Law – Original Artwork is copyrighted automatically?

4 – Publishers… what are they again? I know roughly, but honestly couldn’t explain the difference between a Publisher and a Record Label off the top of my head.

5 – PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd.) – Forgot about these guys too. Re-cap.

6 – What are the costs of setting up the label? I want to write down a list of the cost accrued in setting up a label.

7 – The Distribution Deal – I only just found out that you have to sell yourself to these guys. I thought it was just an automatic signup type thing. So what are the requirements to qualify to pass an assessment by the Distribution company?

8 – Is there a difference between a label that just releases my own productions and one that releases others…? What are their official names? I know a little about this, but not 100%.  With my plan for the label, I want this to change after the first year, so do I have to change/declare anything officially to someone? If so, does it cost anything to do it?

9 – Am I obliged to release a certain amount of releases (tracks) per year? I expect this is going to change according to the difference in Distributor and the agreed deal between them and the label.

10 – What happens if I don’t achieve the amount of releases requested by the Distributor? Do I get dumped by the Distributor? If so, how hard is it to pick yourself back up again?

11 – Do I have to write a contract to myself if releasing something?

I know obviously I have to write up a ‘Recording Contract’ for an artist I’m going to sign on my label, but do I have to write one up to/for myself if it’s my own release?

12 – What do I do if someone rips off my music… and makes money from it? What is the process of suing them (if that is decided)?

I know this is a complicated answer, but I’ll just try and explore a few reasonable examples and take from it what I can. I’m not expecting this to happen, but I’m not turning a blind eye to it. I need to protect my business and not let people exploit it without justification.

13 – How long (usually) is an artist signed for to a label?

I know this is different from label to label and that it is declared by the label to the artist at the beginning of the agreement. I want to explore a few examples from labels in my genre so I can make a decision on what is a realistic length of time to give to offer to a potential artist I’m interested in signing.

14 – Etc… etc…!

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