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[LABEL] #8 – Hoooold Oooon, Waiiit A Minute!

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OK, so a few months has past now since I have posted anything here and a lots has changed now.

I had got some sound advise from one of my good friends Danny (producer from Arma Del Amor) from NZ, and he got me really thinking about what the image and name looks like in comparison to the genre it is supposed to saturate into.

I had previously looked at logo images and names when researching the suffix (records, recordings, digital audio etc…) and then after talking to Danny, I compared my image and name to those and I felt it just didn’t sit right anymore.

I had already reeled off a lot of ideas for artwork releases using the cartoon Kat image and had logo images done up. In fact, since I setup my business a few years ago ‘Fat Kat Music Ltd.’ I chose that name as to associate it with the label that I was going to setup in the future.

Fraktion_Latest_CoolAz _LongOne

Long story short I chose a name that came to me instantaneously and without effort, which came shortly after smashing out one my geometric sketches – Fraktion

The name is mathematical, which corresponds more with the (lets face it…) geeky side of techno and I feel shows more potential for conceptual ideas for releases and following artwork.

As for the logo, I hope it’s relatively clear to see that the mathematical imagery used on the typography resembles something a lot more ‘Techno’ than the previous style too.

Well I’m happy with it anyway.

I have documented the development of the image in full – HERE

Also, now I have spent a while away from the artwork and thought about how I’m going to use the geometry I’m learning, I plan to work through the propositions in Euclid’s Elements one by one in succession together with each release.

The idea is for the movement, development and progression of the artwork to ride at a parallel rate to the music. Perhaps they will pull one another along from time to time.

I made a hard decision to scrap everything and start again, and I think this is was a good decision. I’m grateful that this happened in the planning phase (which I have spent years doing now) so that the end product is going to be the best quality it can be.

I’ve got a solid plan (and conceptual idea) behind the correlation between the music and artwork too now, so each release can flow out with ease… boomshanka!

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😉 K

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