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[LABEL] #2 – What’s the Plan

Where am I now / where would I like to be in the future?


Now: Todays date is 29th October 2015 and I have 70 followers on SoundCloud, 125 likes on Facebook, and 65 followers on Twitter.



FaceBook: The followers I do have are friends and family. The people that have liked my page that I don’t know, that have found me on the internet you can count on one hand. This is my fault I know as I’m not the greatest fan of Facebook, which really hasn’t helped my situation. But as it is one of the main platforms I use for advertising, I am going to have to make start getting along with it. I had toyed with the ideas of buying likes, but turns out it’s counter-productive for getting posts heard, and it would be an empty win. You can’t pay people to enjoy something. They either like it or they don’t, thats their decision.

If you don’t know about this already, check this out.

It’s a video about where your bought ‘likes’ come from. It’s really interesting….and completely twisted.

Facebook Fraud:


SoundCloud: I have 70 followers here and most of them are people that I don’t know, so I like SoundCloud. Brilliant.

But it takes months to get over 100 plays on any of my tracks, which is rubbish.

Again, all my fault. Bad self promotion.



Twitter: I have 65 followers, but I have only started using it this year and I know I haven’t properly started using it yet.

I have found that I get followed by some really interesting people on here, which is exciting, but I also get followed by some suspect looking accounts, some of which have hundreds of thousands of followers. I’m wondering whether this is a case of buying followers? I don’t know about this yet, I’ll be looking into that another time.


BandCamp: I don’t even know if anyone knows about my BandCamp page. I never usually post about it when I do my free releases as I want my plays to hit SoundCloud or YouTube. My BandCamp page is always up to date, but I can definitely put lots more work into it.


YouTube: I have 1 subscriber to my channel… Well, not exactly the greatest amount of followers. I think I may be able to do just a little better here.
I still think this platform is awesome and I have high hopes for getting interest with this channel once I start making tutorial videos and the like for this website.
Another reason why I like YouTube is that a large percentage of music that I listen to is on here.

Byzantine All Stats

Byzantine Geography Stats

So far, I have uploaded 7 tracks to my channel and 6 of them have between 2 and 64 plays…. But the other one has 545 plays! I literally just signed in and looked at the stats on my YouTube channel for the first time to see where these people who played my music are coming from. Turns out India is loving my music! Yeah.
I never realised underground techno-house was rife there (and in the rest of the middle east for that matter). So what is all this about? This is looking really suspicious after finding out about the Facebook click farms. I’ll be looking into this and blogging about stats later on in this series.
I wanted to spell all of this out for a couple of reasons.
One, to summarise where things are now for me as an artist and two, to get me to realise that I need to massively work on self promotion as this is a major part of running a label. Self promotion has been my biggest downfall by a long shot for years and I’m going to have to do this whether I like it or not. Time to sort it out!
Label Plan
I had thought that for the first year the label will just be releasing my music, (with perhaps one collaboration per EP) as I have loads of tracks sitting on my hard drive that I really want to get out there.
The consensus is… I want to reach more likes/followers on these media platforms as an artist, build some respect for the label and develop it’s ‘sound’. The end goal is to build a family of like-minded proucers and be running a half decent label.
I think that if I create some buzz around the label first (by releasing my own productions) then this will be more attractive to other producers who may want to release on other labels and this could potentially be what makes them choose mine over another’s. Well thats the idea anyway. I can’t help but think that no-one would want to release on my label if there is no existing content there already! So I have to build it up myself first.
Saying that, I may completely change my mind after the first release and be more hyped up about getting someone else signed. I’m open minded about the whole thing.
I was thinking of planning out the release schedule with EP’s already as I am sitting on a few EP’s, but I’m just going to take it one step at a time, focus on the first release, then take it from there.
So I have an initial plan for the label now, an idea, and pinpointed my weakest areas that need to be worked on to get this project up and running effectively.

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