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[MEP] – Mise en place – ‘Prep’



I have been a chef on and off since 2002, and when I make music I am constantly drawing parallels between the two. So I have decided to use this term ‘MEP’, which chef’s know is what you call the prep list. MEP stands for mise en place, which is french for ‘put in place’.
So get yourself a separate notebook, away from your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and title it ‘MEP’, or ‘Prep list’, or whatever you like and add this to your list of things to prep before you start creating your music. (I am getting on really good with Evernote – Mike Monday recommended).
The more you prep, the easier your workflow is going to be. I highly suggest (if you haven’t already) to invest the time in thinking about what you can organise before you make your next piece of music and put in the extra effort to actually do those things that you think about doing every time you open your DAW, but never actually do. This is something I am mentioning from my own experience in creating music by the way, and I bet I am not alone, so I hope this helps somebody out there.
Whenever I do a blog that I think should be something to put on the prep list, I will label it [MEP] at the beginning of the title, so you know now where to find these.
Here are just a couple of example MEP blog’s to come…
– Saving channel strip settings…
– Organising samples
– Prepping Ableton for Live performance (production)
– Creating a DJ template in Ableton

I believe, and have found that since I have finally got a lot more things organised in (and out) of my DAW it has been majorly beneficial for many reasons. For example, one area in particular I have been working on hard this year, is really honing in my ’sound’. Now that I have got into the habit of knocking things off my prep list that have been on there for literally years, I have been able to create two or more pieces of music, which can keep focus on the same area of sound and production that I was exploring at that particular time.
Before this, I was making one piece of music, stopping for a while, opening a fresh new project, using different synths, sounds, samples, techniques, effects, processing and all other factors involved in making a piece of music. And there would be no real coherence at all from one piece to the next. I felt like I was not progressing in a logical way and it was massively frustrating.
So finally, after almost 7 years of making music, I feel that only now I am really ready to start knocking out EP’s that show true musical (and sometimes conceptual) coherence and progression. This will all be documented here so I can look back on these pieces of work and remember where I was, what I was working on, how I have progressed and maybe go back and pull some ides out of for a new piece.
For tracks that I have released, here is my most recent example of an EP that has coherence in both sound and production technique.

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