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[ARTWORK] #15 – Kat Nine Logo


Fig.1. Final Designed Image

This is the final design for the logo I created for my website


Fig.2. Final Image – Processed

This is the final processed image I used in some of my videos


Fig.3. Development – First Sketches / Ideas

Here you can see the first development for the final design. The idea from start to finish for this took about 30 minutes. Actually drawing the final image took about 40 minutes.


Fig.4. Alt Processing – Gold


Fig.5. Vectored Logo – Black Background

This has been vectored out now by my graphic designer

Website for my graphic designer:


Fig.6. Vectored Logo – White Background

Of course, you can’t really see the background because it’s the same as the website. Buuuh

What do I like about it?

It’s really simple, pretty solid. It’s my own font that I drew by hand. Cool.

What don’t I like about it?
I don’t like the processing of the image and it’s not clean enough. You can see scummy bit’s on some of the letters which came from the pen. It’s also on the wonk a little bit too, which really cheeses me off. The words ‘Kat’ and ’Nine’ are level, but ‘Music’ tails off downwards a little. I don’t know how that happened! Very, very upsetting to look at. I can draw this again and make it cleaner, but for now it’s alright. It’s good enough to give to my graphic designer and vector out.

What did I learn?
My friend Taya helped me stay on track with making decisions of what to go with. This was very helpful.

I learned (or remembered) that it’s always helpful to get someone else’s perspective on what you are creating. Even if that person is not a professional in what you are working on. Everybody’s opinion matters. 2 brains are better than 1. Thanks Tay!

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[DJSETUP] – DJ Setup Introduction

1 dj setup_long1

In this section I will simply be showing the development of my DJ setup over the years.

There will be 2 main setups, my DJ setup and my Live setup. As for the Live setup, god only knows how long this is going to take to develop. It’s definitely going to be quite a long time I know that for sure, but I will be documenting it all here.

[PSYCH] – Psychoacoustics and Auditory Illusion Introduction

escher stairs

Psychoacoustics – the scientific study of the brains interpretation of sound

This is something that I chose to study for my dissertation at uni as I found it super interesting. The title was:

Diss Title

The two main composers I studied were Diana Deutsch and Al Bregman.


Here are the few of the chapter titles to give you a brief example of the stuff I researched:

Chapter 1- Perception of pitch and melody and fusion of independent signals and their effect on perceived location

Chapter 2 – Effects of rhythm, pitch, timbre, frequency of repetition and spatial location on stream segregation

Chapter 3 – Perceptual grouping and masking techniques and curiosities, ambiguities and assumption relating to how the brain interprets speech


Instead of just posting my dissertation here, I’m going to go over what I learned whilst writing it, but this time more in depth and I’ll be sharing it here.

This is good for me too as it’s been about 5 years since I looked at any of this and I know I have forgotten a lot of it.


I found that after learning about this stuff, when composing and particularly in mixing my productions, this stuff pops up all the time. When I recognise it I’m able to apply some of these effects to get elements to sit in the mix more harmoniously, and with more clarity and consistency.

I personally feel that it’s almost like a secret dimension of music production, and I don’t think it’s unfair to say that it doesn’t (stereotypically) get talked about much (or at all) in other music production courses. So I hope whoever sees this stuff gets a lot from it and can apply it to their productions too.

[S-TECH] – Sensor Technology and Arduino Introduction


Sensor Technology is fun.

After learning a few lines of Arduino code, it’s relatively easy. In fact, they do a lot of the work for you. You just need to adapt some lines of existing code, wire up your board correctly, send signals through to your program of choice and you’re off.

arduinoI’ll be doing some real fun stuff here (using flex sensors, force sensitive resistors, ultrasound ping sensors, potentiometers, LDR’s and much more…) and linking it all up with my live dj sets… Stay tuned 😉 K

Arduino Website:


[MAX] – Max/MSP Intro

Max Image

In this section I will be showing some of my previous projects and patches from uni created with Max/MSP.

Max is a program that I don’t use on a daily basis, but plan to pick up sometime in the near future. I got on really well with this program so I look forward to creating some new mad stuff!

I’ll be showing everything Max/MSP here.


[SETS] #8 – Kat Nine – Kitty Mix 003 – 2016 Mix (Video)

John Haden – Reach the End (Elmar Strathe Remix) / [Play My Track Recordings]
Carlo Ruetz – Excess / [KD Raw]
Raw District – Their Eyes / [Moon Harbour]
Shelley Johannson – Take It / [Octopus Black Label]
Stefano Noferini – Vegas (Ron Costa Remix) / [Deeperfect]
Sinisa Tamamovic – Old School / [Sci + Tec]
Rick Dyno – Magnetic / [The Manifesto Music]
Enrico Sangiuliano – X-Pollination (X-Pollination Mark Reeve Remix) / [Unrilis]
Dense & Pika – Drag N’ Drop / [Drumcode]
Kat Nine – At The XXX / [White Label]
DJ Boris – Language (Carlo Lio Remix) / [Transmit]

Download Link on SoundCloud here:

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