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Stay Focussed – Week 2 – LinkedIn, APA

The other day I was supposed to goto the open evening, however…

I went to visit my friend James Utting at the post-production house Factory studios instead! Wahoo! I had double booked myself here and had to make a choice. Turns out I chose the right one! Quality.

I had called in on one of my uni friends James to check out his workplace after his working day had finished. He showed me a load of the equipment, the rooms, trophy’s, and demo’d some new work that has been occurring. I also experienced the new Dolby Atmos system, which was a soundgasm. Next level surround sound. Insane stuff. Too many variables for me I’m afraid! Lolz.

We had some eats after and I asked him a few burning questions about this whole process and his experience through the journey.

We also both came to the conclusion that doing a Masters is really not what I need to do. It will just defer getting on the ladder by another 2 years pretty much and thats what not what I want.

I’m not going to write all this stuff down now, I think the advise I have been given by Julio and James will be put into action and written up along the way.

This week (Week 2), I’m going to stay focussed on getting my LinkedIn profile tarted up as this seems is something that is very important in this process.

Week 2

LinkedIn – Finish my profile and get started with using the platform. Start actually using my account!

APA (Advertising Producers Association) – Check it out. (Search for jobs and studios here).

Week 3

Showreel Structure (K9M.COM) – Think about what work from uni I’ll put down and where it will go on the website.

Website Structural Editing – K9M.COM – Sort out links to Social Media, contact page – footer, blog re-arrange (scroll / squares), buy links, the label, follow / subscribe, counter, YT, Latest Art, “TITLE”, Insta Feed, post blogs to SM automatically,


Week 4



Extra Stuff

E-Mail Tidy Up

Computer Files Tidy Up / Archive

Re-Organise Contact Databases


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